Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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What is Dental Implantation 

Dental implantation is actually a way of replacing damaged teeth and embedding artificial teeth in human teeth structure. In fact, dental implantation has proved to be a boon for people who have lost their teeth in periodontal disease, injuries or due to age factor. We all want to live a life according to our choices and eating various types of meals is man’s top most desire. But people, who have one or multiple tooth missing in their natural braces, find it really hard to have meals of their choice and suffer for long.

To overcome this deficiency, dental implantation helped a lot. Within a span of 2-3 hours, you can have a new teeth implanted in your gums that is not going to bother other teeth anyway. The process of dental implantation includes removal of old, damaged roots, providing a strong foundation for teeth including the procedures of Periodontology, prosthodontics, and oral surgery.

The process and advantages of dental implantation

Dental implantation is a long-time permanent tooth replacement process that has overall success rates of 98%. This implantation doesn’t require any type of surgical process like stitching and cuts in gums. The process is not so hectic but technique sensitive that requires skilled hands to perform. A small titanium structure that resembles to the root of tooth is anchored to the bone.

This acts like a base for the artificial tooth. The whole mechanism is done in the same manner as a natural tooth exists in the gum. There are some brands that are primarily used in implantation-Nobel Biocare, Biohorizons, Ankylos, Basal Implants, Straumann, Zirconia Implants etc. Here we have listed some of the prime advantages of dental implantation.

1- Dental implantation is a onetime procedure that lasts lifelong.

2- The ability to bite and chewing food is regained.

3- It gives a sound shape to your mouth with implanted teeth.

4- The procedure is painless and comfortable being performed by skilled and experienced implantologists.

5- 3D CBCT Scan machines have been used in the process of dental implantation for accurate positioning of implant inside the bone. This machine also evaluates the accurate position of nerves, teeth roots, sinus etc.

Types of dental implantations

Based on the time-frame and implants used, there are primarily three types of implantation processes performed as explained here-

Two Stages: In this process, complete mechanism of dental implantation is accomplished in two stages with a leap of around 3 months. In the first stage, implants are placed in one-two sessions while the second stage involves the fabrication of crowns. This type of implantation is performed when single stage implantation cannot be done.

Single Stage: In this type of implantation, a complete procedure is performed in a single stage including the extractions, placement of implants and crown fabrications within a span of one week. This is the latest and most relevant process used in all kinds of cases.

Immediate Implant:  In this technique, the teeth are replaced in a single day. However, scanning and evaluation is required before performing this type of implantation.

Dental Implants: The best Dental Implantation Centre in Ahemdabad India

As per the analysis and performance record based on customer satisfaction, the US-based Dental Implants that have now migrated to Ahmadabad is having one of the best teams of dental surgeons in India who have years of experiences and expertise in various cases of implantation according to the preferences and comfort of clients.

They provide best implantation treatment using the all-on-4 mechanism and that too in the regular cost ranges in India. The special team of dental implants first analyse the need of implantation according to the scenario with the help of clinical and radiographic evaluation and then make their best efforts to provide painless, comfortable and affordable implantation of teeth.

So if you are really looking for any kind of dental implantation or facing any problem while eating your favourite meal, the best US based dental implantation centre is now at your reach to resolve all your issues and provide you a healthy smile. You can conduct appoinment for dental implant in ahmedabad in a minute through call, whats app and email.