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What is Orthodontic Treatment?

The process of restructuring your teeth, straightening or moving to improve your smile and appearance is known as “Orthodontic Treatment”. Orthodontic treatment also includes the process of improving the functions of teeth so that you may feel comfortable while chewing or eating your meal. Overcrowded and crooked teeth often lead to major dental problems as it is hard to bite and chew food. It stimulates pain and damages the soft gum tissues. To overcome such problems, orthodontic treatment is necessary.

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Why Orthodontic Treatment is necessary?

Some people have disordered teeth set, having their upper jaw a bit forward than the lower one which causes an incorrect bite, leading to jaw bone problems, unwanted strain on gum ligaments and headache. Besides this, over crowned or crooked teeth or dislocated teeth gives you an awkward appearance.

With the orthodontic treatment by specialists you can have better facial appearance as your dislocated teeth can places evenly and reduce the strain wile biting or chewing your favorite meal. In some cases it has also seen that people do not have sufficient space in their for their all permanent teeth and therefore it is necessary to remove such teeth to give you better experiences of smiling and eating your meal without any hesitation or strain.

Types of Orthodontic treatment (Types of braces)

In earlier days, there was only one way to straight teeth which is to affix hard and heavy metal based strip that tend to make teeth even. At present we have various options to straight your teeth and use of braces is one of the prominent amongst all of them.

Light, thinner and flexible braces are available in the market which can be bought on affordable prize and can be affixed with the help of dental specialists. In fact latest designs are so easier to affix to your teeth that you can put them off whenever you want such as while sleeping. Let’s have a quick glimpse at some of the most prominent types of these braces.

1- Metal BracesIn the field of orthodontics, traditional braces are still the most popular one but this they are made of light weighted stainless steel. Being thinner and easy to affix on the upper or lower jaw, metal braces are the best option in most affordable prizes.

2- Ceramic BracesCeramic braces have substituted the metal braces in a large amount especially in urban area or you better say in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Gujarat. They have a major advantage over metal braces as they can easily bent in with the jaw curves and are made of clear ceramic.

3- InvisalignClear, flexible and removable aligners are the most desirable option to straighten teeth as while wearing them, no one can easily judge if you are really wearing them, being transparent. They are easy to pop in and out while brushing or flossing and you can also enjoy eating almost anything while wearing them. However, they are a bit more costly than the former ones and may not be sited to certain cases.

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