Fluoride Therapy

What is Fluoride Therapy?

In the simplest definition, the treatment of diseases with the help of fluoride is known as the fluoride therapy. And, in terms of dental care, fluoride therapy is used to prevent dental diseases in adults and children specially adolescents. With this therapy, your teeth become stronger and have better life. In areas where the percentage of fluoride in water is less than needed, doctors suggest fluoride treatment if someone is facing the tooth decay problem because of lack of fluoride.

Fluoride Treatment in Setellite Ahmedabad

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What the reason behind Fluoride Treatment

Nowadays, people have less strength and immunity as compared to the years back ago, as everything we eat is not in its purest form. Not even fruits. The daily life style and work schedules are so busy that people are getting more dependent on fast foods and instant recepies that do not have proper protein and supplements to feed our body and make it strong and healthy.

Hence, the results are in front of us and one of the results is that we are not having healthy and strong teeth. People have started having the problem of tooth decay on big count.

Fluoride treatment in Ahmedabad

How Fluoride Treatment Get Done 

Procedure and Methods

In Fluoride therapy, typically sodium fluoride (Naf) is used. However, some part of stannous fluoride may also be consumed. There are two major elements of fluoride therapy-water and milk fluoridation that work to prevent tooth from decaying and make it stronger. It has been seen that this therapy works at its best when fluoride is applied to teeth directly like using gels, varnishes or pastes. Other way is the supplementation of fluoride i.e., using tablets or drops. This way is common in European countries.

 Advantage of Fluoride Therapy or Treatment 

According to the World health Organisation (WHO), fluoride is counted amongst the most essential and beneficial elements of medicines. Here we have listed some of the ways through which fluoride helps in preventing tooth decay. Just have a glimpse-

  1. Fluoride therapy accelerates the remineralisation of teeth providing them strength.

2- When fluoride gets mixed with saliva, it easily gets absorbed by the surface of teeth which generally gets demineralised.

3- During the remineralisation of teeth, fluorapatite is produced which prevents teeth from dissolution by strong acids (present in cold drinks, and hard drinks).

4- This therapy prevents oral bacteria to be inhabited in your mouth.

5- It supports tooth enamel (the outer layer of tooth that protects it) to be healthy.

Now talking about the methods that are considered as the art of this therapy, there are various ways. The simplest way of fluoride treatments are further bifurcated into two methods-over the counter method (OTC) and the PATF method. Generally the treatment is applied through a soft brush, tray, mouthwash, and a swab. The client may be forbidden to take water or any meal for only half an hour after the treatment so that the fluoride may get absorbed completely.

Side effects of Fluoride Treatment 

The fluoride treatment is given to prevent your teeth from cavities, plaque and decaying by providing the needed value of fluoride to your teeth. But the fact is that excessive use of Fluoride may cause some side effects such as –

  1. Staining and pitting on your teeth.
  2. Bones get dense which is not good for mouth.
  3. Overdose of fluoride may also cause tiredness, nausea, excessive sweating.


Cost of fluoride treatment in Ahmedabad India 

There were times when you needed to pay high for the fluoride therapy but not now. At almost metropolitan cities, this you can get such treatment in affordable prizes. Even toothpastes used in thus treatment costs less (approximately Rs. 600-1000). Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc. are now having major dental organisations where you can have best dental treatments along with fluoride treatment under the observation of dental specialists. So if you are really looking for a good dental treatment, you should go for it with better guidance of your dentist.