Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth scaling or whitening?

Dental cleaning primarily refers to a process of cleaning your teeth by removing an unwanted layer of plaque that causes numerous types of mouth diseases. Dentists perform such process if you have an unwanted thick layer over your teeth not only on the superficial manner but also deeper inside the gums.

The main aim of dental scaling is to provide you healthy, clean and white teeth, removing all types of gum diseases specially plaque which is actually a thick layer build up of protein, saliva and bacteria which causes periodontal diseases on a major level. With the help of the process of teeth scaling, dentists clean up the yellow plaque and finally you get white, clean and healthy teeth set along with odourless breath.

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Why is it necessary?

We all are advised by our dentists to brush our teeth twice on a regular basis, do flossing and taking regular dental cleaning. You know why?

These diseases loosen ups the gum tissues. Normally gums are tightly attached to the teeth 1-2 mm below the gum-line whereas gums diseases makes the gum pockets deeper, allowing plaque to be filled in, worsening the case and finally you get loose gums, swelling, pain and bad breathing as well. If you have gum pockets 4 mm deeper or more than that, you need to have a dental scaling immediately.

The Process of teeth scaling and whitening

The procedure of teeth scaling also involves gums planning and the whole process is also known as the periodontal therapy or deep cleaning. At first, the plaque is removed from the tooth as well as inside the gum-line and after that smoothing and planning of roots are performed.

Following the procedure, the section to be worked is numbed so that application of instruments may not cause pain.  Generally during a single appointment, either half or quarter of the full mouth is taken for the action.

The entire mouth is not scaled because of potential inconveniences. Various types of instruments and methods can be performed for scaling and planning such as ultrasonic instruments, hand instruments like periodontal scalers and curettes etc. Ultrasonic scalers vibrate at a high frequency and remove stains, plaque and tartar from teeth as well as the gum-line area.

By using handheld instruments, dentists scrap off the plaque from the tooth with the help of curette by inserting it beneath the gum-line where brushes normally can’t reach. Whereas, using the ultrasonic instrument makes the task easier for them as it has a vibrating metal tip which is combined with a cool water spray.

The inbuilt water spray chips away the tarter filled inside the pockets. Once the process of scaling is done, there comes root planning. In this process, the surface of roots is made smooth so that gums can reattach to the teeth in a better way.

Precautions after Teeth scaling

In some cases, patients may feel some pain, swelling and bleeding for a few days but that is not a matter to worry about, as your dentists have solutions for that. Desensitizing toothpaste is suggested to reduce such problems.

Sometimes a mouthwash is also suggested by dentists. After teeth scaling, it is necessary to use good quality tooth brush and flossing of teeth on a regular basis. If your gums start having deeper pockets after the process of scaling then you may need some additional options to keep your teeth healthy.

Cost of Teeth Whitening in Ahmedabad, Gujrat

The cost of teeth scaling and whitening varies from place to place as well as according to the type and cases of diseases. Dental services don’t cost much. In fact they are affordable and easier in big cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Chennai etc.

Dental Scaling Services in  Ahmedabad

If you are living in Ahemdabad and want to have a teeth scaling and whitening services near you, you don’t have to strive a lot. Being the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is leveraged with almost all facilities to avail its citizens for their goods.

There are numerous dental clinics there to serve you at their best, providing you a healthy smile. These dental clinics not only help you giving white and perfect teeth within 45 minutes but also specializes in other treatments.

Amongst these dental clinics, Dr. Mansi’s Dental Clinic is the finest where you can find all the solutions related to your teeth. It’s a well-equipped dental center where you are being served by professionals for your teeth problems. So if you are really looking for healthy, white and bright teeth, don’t hesitate to visit the dental clinic next to you.

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